Legal Advice
We have our own team of legal advisors, formed of two paralegals and one contract management senior consultant.
We are not, as of yet, able to offer the services of a fully qualified solicitor(lawyer) but it is something we will achieve very soon.
Most of small retail businesses do not afford having their own legal team and this is something you can hire us for. Limited company, sole trader or self employed, if you find yourself in a pickle please email us for further details and a comprehensive quote.
From contract drafting to analysis of contractual terms before you get into a deal, we have your back. If an agreement was already decided and signed upon and you discovered that contractual terms are not being met, leaving it to chance is not the answer. For online retailers this is mainly a problem when ordering stock from abroad and having to deal with international laws, taxes, suppliers and shippers. It is very common to place an order for something and have it delivered in other condition than described, damaged, expired or totally different. In such a situation you need to fight back.

Professional Business Consultancy

Mediation and Intervention

Please see out Associate Plan and "Fees for 2017" page. Our aim is to deliver answers to all your online retail business related enquiries based on a monthly or annual fee. This plan was developed to help you have an insight to our expertise and knowledge of the retail world when a quotation is not needed and we can work together for the unforeseeable future, not just related to one job. Our consultancy services cover:
- online marketplaces, just a few examples: eBay, Amazon, AliExpres, Alibaba, Etsy, Payloadz, social media, etc.
- dealing with your customers: returns, refunds and satisfaction.
- stock suppliers: wholesalers, liquidators, manufacturers.
- national and international shippers and drop-shippers.
- fees you will encounter and "deceiving profit".

Well, this is the most serious one, where you hire us to represent your interests in front of your business partners. Mediation comes in handy when you have already made a bad deal and now, with the help of a third party, must make the most out of it or pull out while you still can and for the best possible terms and conditions. We all make mistakes and business experts will say it's only training for success. That's totally true but we have to add... mistakes are only training for success as long as you can recover from them.
Wrong valuation or pricing on a few of your items, buying or selling, won't be the end of you, but a few containers of overpriced stock impossible to make a profit from coming from China, might be.