Associate monthly plan

We are very proud with our Associate, membership based, pay as you go and only for as long as you need it, plan.
And it is in fact the most successful of the services we provide. Not only we offer our expert consulting and legal advice
to everyone, no matter how small or inexperienced, but to people whom otherwise will never come ask for it because they
can't afford it. We won't say to you that we know it all, we are the best out there and you should hire us to solve your problem for this amount of money... you get to try us first. Most other consultants or legal advisors of the same profile will only listen to you based on a quotation agreed upon beforehand, but if you only have questions, need directions and advice, a quotation is
not needed with us. We will only quote when it comes to complicated, time consuming situations that involve legal, contracts, business planning, close observation, intervention or mediation on your behalf. Otherwise you can pick our brains just for a month, quarterly, six monthly or annual plan, depending on your needs. We will be assigning one of our highly trained and experienced consultants or paralegals to deal with your case only. We first listen, judgement making and advice is delivered
only when we are sure we understand and have a solution to your questions.
Becoming a pay as you go associate of ours means that for the membership length purchased you get to share in our expertise for an UNLIMITED amount of: enquiries, emails, phone calls... you can even contact us by fax or post.
When signing up with us you will get our own:
- One on One retail consulting pack, introducing you to our representative, consultant or legal advisor, who will then be your first point of contact.
- Guide to online selling-2017, critical "Dos" and "Don'ts" for your business.
Membership length and price:
- one month - £79.95
- two months - £149.95
- three months - £199.95
- six months - £349.95
- annual - £599.95
We are PayPal friendly and selling our services through many partners and collaborators. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

By popular demand we have inserted a PayPal button for our already established clients to be able to purchase longer subscriptions at speed and without the need of an invoice. A transaction through PayPal is legally binding for both ourselves and our clients and one of the safest payment methods.

We advise all new clients to contact us before buying a membership, so we can hear and analyse your situation and what your needs are.

We offer a service guarantee to all new clients - if for any reason you are not happy with the consultancy or legal services we provide during the first 5 working days of your subscription or first 5 working days of our collaboration, we will cancel our invoice and/or cancel your membership and refund you in full.
Please note that:
If you realise the membership length purchased is more than what you need, we will refund you the difference. Does not apply to only one month subscriptions. Example: if you have purchased a two month membership but will be using our services for just one month or less, we will refund you the difference as per the membership length and price list from above. WE HAVE NO MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION FEES.
No refunds will be given for that month when more than 5 working days have passed since the beginning of your membership.
If we discover or will be reported any fraudulent transactions by PayPal, we will immediately cancel your membership and hold on to the funds until the case is closed and rightful bank account holder reimbursed.