How we operate

Most of the important cases are being dealt with in our office in Cambridge, such as/related to:
- legal services
- sales - marketing
- development - contracts
- orders - cancellations
- deals - refunds
- mediation

We use only trusted and highly experienced collaborators to help our clients with:
- coaching - mentoring
- consultations - training
- professional advice

How to become a partner or collaborator

We are always interested in new collaborations with: EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, and not only.

If you have online sales experience and a mind for international retail, please do not hesitate to write to us: [email protected]
to express your interest and please attach a cover letter and contact details (CVs are only required for business partners).
We love to hear from hard working people who started from scratch and now have a successful online selling business, willing to help new starters with advice and guidance and, of course, being paid to do so.
Collaborators are also essential for our development as international consultants because ourselves need to keep on learning from local, business savvy professionals.